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About Our Foundation

The Whitney Lee DeCarlo Foundation Inc. is a dedicated group of community volunteers who have come together with the purpose of raising funds for local non- profit 501c(3) community organizations providing direct outreach services for at risk children and families in Southwest Orange County Florida.

Orange County Florida is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. Data obtained from the US Census Bureau states that the Orlando metropolitan area population grew by nearly 13% during the 90’s and during the first five years of this decade estimated growth has been approximately 15%. Significant growth has also resulted in a major shift in the ethnic and economic make-up of the community. As of May 2009 individuals classified as white are for the first time less than 50% of the local population, a drop from the year 2000 of over seven percentage points. The surge in Hispanic population through immigration and higher birth rates will continue to push the shift for years to come. Over the past year key measures of stress on the community have risen: falling median household incomes, sky rocketing unemployment (nearly 10% as of May 2009), increasing ranks of homeless individuals (17% increase over prior year) and rising crime rates both of a violent and non-violent nature. All of these factors combined with significant budget cuts by state and local governments call upon the local community to reach out to those individuals and families impacted most by the current economic environment.

The foundation is committed to making a difference in our local community by financially supporting non profit 501c(3) direct service providers (example provided below). The Foundation was formed in October of 2008 to memorialize the life of Whitney Lee DeCarlo who was tragically killed in automobile accident at the age of 23. The organization is based in Southwest Orange County Florida. Our organization will strive to keep Whitney’s demonstrated passion for helping others alive through a variety of fundraising activities and distribution of these funds to local community organizations.

The organization is currently operational but still very much focused upon building a strong foundation to ensure its long term viability. The foundation board is currently comprised of surviving family members and local community leaders. Current active board members have been selected based upon proven track records in other non-profit fund raising organizations and for profit business ventures. The organization is currently staffed 100% by volunteer workers, and we do not foresee the need for paid staffers in the future.

Awareness of the organization and its stated mission is being developed through grassroots marketing efforts such as direct mail, electronic mail, advertising in local publications and postings in local churches, schools and business.

Our organization is currently engaged in the following activities:

Dinner Galas

The Foundation's primary fundraising activity will be to host an annual dinner event featuring widely recognized keynotes speakers. Our speakers will bring the message of support for the organization's mission in the community.

Our speaker history has been:

2019 - Lou Holtz
2018 - Dueling Pianos
2017 - Tim Gard
2016 - Pat Williams
2015 - Chad Hymas
2014 - Mike Rayburn
2013 - Giovanni Livera
2012 - Captain Charlie Plumb
2011 - Roger Staubach
2010 - Phil Simms
2009 - Lou Holtz

Our galas to date have raised $1,000,000. 100% of these proceeds were directed to Central Florida 501c(3) organizations serving at risk children and families.

Edgewood Children's Ranch
The St.Vincent DePaul community outreach programs
Home At Last

Tuition assistance programs

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